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We have just launched with our first piece of software. MD5Hasher! We have many other projects in the pipeline including a backup program and a note manager designed to keep all those important pieces of information in order!

MD5 Hasher

About It

MD5 Hasher was developed to create a simple useable piece of software for quickly comparing MD5 hashes for files. Most people copy the MD5 tag to the clipboard then calculate the hash of the file when it’s downloaded. MD5 Hasher automatically checks the clipboard for a matching hash as when it has calculated it for the file and compares it. Or allows you to paste or enter it later! For added convenience it includes shell integration, ‘Send To’ menu integration or run it and choose your own file. A simple Use Able tool for a simple task!


MD5 Hasher does not need to be installed. It only requires the .NET Framework to be installed. It works on Windows XP, Vista and 7 and has been tested on both 32bit and 64bit Versions. Simply put the program in a directory that you want to run it from and double click it.
Double Clicking The Program File
When double clicking the program file you will be prompted to select a file to hash. Simply do this and the file's hash will be calculated. Looking at the main screen you now have access to the settings option (little spanner in the middle of the buttons) NOTE: In Vista and Windows 7 you must have run the program in administrator mode in order for any of the shell integration to work.
Right Clicking A File
Once integrated into the shell you can hash any file by right clicking it and selecting "Get MD5 Hash" (or by using the SentTo menu) If you hash a file that is protected by Windows Security you may be prompted to "Run or Cancel" it is ok to select run as this is just default behaviour in Windows for right clicking a file and selecting an option.

Licence and Disclaimer

This software is freeware and provided in an “as is” condition with no formal warranty. It can be distributed by any user for free as long as this licence and disclaimer stays intact. The software has been extensively tested and has not done anything adverse, wacky or unintended within the description of the software. As a result although every effort has been made to ensure this software is working and stable the author accepts no responsibilities for any faults, losses of data or system corruption as either directly or indirectly caused by use of this software.


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